Chain Feeders
Chain feeder for breeders

The Plasson chain feeder operates at a speed of 36m/min this enables fast and uniform feed distribution which is very important to avoid birds stress and achieves better results

The Plasson feed hoppers can be installed with 1, 2 or 4 lines. The feed distribution can be in one direction (1 motor per hopper) or in two directions (2 motors per hopper). All models are made with a special finish in epoxy painting. The moving parts have a special treatment to avoid the wear created by contact with the chain, thus enabling higher wear resistance and longer life.

Feed return
This system avoids excess feed from spilling out of the trough when the feed returns to the hopper.
Hopper capacity:
Model Capacity
Hopper lC wlo extension 260kg
Hopper lC with extension 430kg
Hopper 2C wlo extension 300kg
Hopper 2C with extension 500k
Hopper 4C wlo extension 385kg
Hopper 4C with extension 625kg

Corners 90°

  The corners have a special treatment that provides high credibility of the system and enables smooth low noise operation.
Troughs, couplers and grills
The troughs and couplers are manufactures in galvanized steel and specially developed poor breeders.
The restriction grills are galvanized and can be supplied according customers requirements.

The Plasson chain feeder can be operated either on legs or suspended. In both cases the adjustment is easy and simple.

Weighing system