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The Purchasing Department of Plasson Ltd. is committed to achieving the highest level procurement processes and contributes to maintaining and improving the quality of the products of Plasson Ltd. and its establishment as a global leader.
Plasson Ltd. product quality also depends on the quality of processes, services and goods it receives from its suppliers.  Therefore Plasson purchases goods exclusively from suppliers that have undergone a process of meticulous review and approval of the production sites to become "Plasson approved suppliers".

Plasson acquires a wide range of products in the following areas:


Wire cutting
Cold and hot forging
Nuts and bolts
Metal parts


Plasson see its suppliers as significant partners to its success. We build and maintain with our suppliers long-term relationships based on respect, fairness and mutual profit. We attribute the importance of stable relationships with our strategic suppliers, to trust and mutual loyalty that was built through long-standing relationships.